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“This is a unique opportunity to see how today’s craftsmen/women are working and the exhibition is breathtakingly beautiful.” [PE, Cheltenham]

18th-27th August 2018

The Concrete Canvas Deckchair by Sarah Christensen Design

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design


18th - 27th August 2018


'Concrete Canvas Deckchair' by Sarah Christensen Design

– an unexpected twist on a design classic.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use we are captivated by the minimalist and unique nature of Sarah Christensen's Concrete Canvas Deckchair. The deckchair is certainly a design that we are familiar with that stirs up many fond memories of lazy summer days, but all is not as it would appear with this modern interpretation.  We spoke with Sarah to gain a little further insight into her piece.

What was your inspiration for the piece? 

"The inspiration behind this was to make a deckchair with a concrete sling. I wanted to make something that is normally flexible, inflexible. I wanted it to appear as if it were made out of fabric, but then it be surprising that it’s solid when touched. Because of the material used it is often assumed that the chair will be uncomfortable, but that is not the case."

Above - Original Sketch

What is your favourite thing about the
Concrete Canvas Deckchair? 

"My favourite thing about the piece is that because the concrete is cast and then not polished up, it appears as if the chair isn’t brand new. I love high quality furniture, but I prefer it when it seems that it is used for it’s intended purpose."

Were there any challenges in making this piece, if so how were they overcome?  

"Trying to keep the sling of the chair thin enough to still give the impression of fabric, whilst also being strong enough to hold a person was a challenge, but using Concrete Canvas ensured that this wouldn’t be a problem. Once that was resolved the next problem was sitting still in the chair for two hours so that it would be cast into the right shape." 

It is possible for this chair to be cast to fit a specific person if required and we feel that this is a fantastic benefit of using a designer- maker such as Sarah.  Becoming part of the design or making process is something that we feel everyone should have the opportunity to experience as the results are almost indescribable, producing a finished piece which is truly your own.

This piece has been entered into this years ‘Best use of British Timber’ Award sponsored by Woodland Heritage which looks promote the use of local resources to produce pieces that have added meaning beyond their basic function.  Sarah believes it is important to source and use good quality and local materials in her designs whenever possible.  The deckchair is made using English Oak and the concrete canvas is a product that is developed and manufactured in Wales. 




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