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“Such fantastic standards of workmanship (as always).” [SEC, Dorset]

18th-27th August 2018

The Chair Competition

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design


18th - 27th August 2018


Between 2010 and 2012 year we invited our exhibitors to design and build a chair for The Chair Competition. We then asked visitors to try them out at Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design and vote for the one that they would most like to own.

Although the chair competition did not returning in 2013 due to the loss of its major sponsor, we were delighted that Peter Sefton Furniture School continued their sponsorship of CCD through a free prize draw for our visitors where one lucky visitor won a £500 vocuher to spend with a maker of their choice from this years exhibition.

2012 Chair Competition

2012 saw another eclectic group of entries, all exquisitely constructed as you would expect, all with their own admirers, proving that when it comes to design there really is no right answer! One of the aims of this competition however was to provide our exhibitors with some feedback on their designs from a wide ranging and more numerous source than they might otherwise be able to access from their small workshops.

It was great to see visitors chatting openly about the various chairs, discussing their merits and flaws with complete strangers and agonising over their votes, showing just why bespoke furniture is so desirable as no two people are the same.

This year's voting was well spread in all catagories - Most Attractive, Most Comfortable and Like to Own. However, winners did emerge over the ten days and we are delighted to anounce that the results were as follows:

Most Attractive Chair
1st (23%) Norman Speller - 'High Back Chair' (CCD Price List no. 66d)
2nd (17%) John Thatcher - 'Work Chair' (CCD Price List no. 72c)
3rd (15%) Dylan Pym - 'Bay' Chair (CCD Price List no. 54a)

Most Comfortable Chair
(27%) James O'Halloran - 'Peacock' Chair (CCD Price List no. 48b)
2nd (23%) Daniel Hussey - 'High Back Arm Chair' (CCD Price List no. 32b)
3rd (17%) John Thatcher - 'Work Chair' (CCD Price List no. 72c)

Chair That Most Visitors Would Choose to Own
(21%) Daniel Hussey - 'High Back Arm Chair' (CCD Price List no. 32b)
2nd (20%) John Thatcher - 'Work Chair' (CCD Price List no. 72c)
3rd (15%) James O'Halloran - 'Peacock' Chair (CCD Price List no. 48b)

                             Winner                                      Winner                                       Winner
                        Most Attractive                        Most Like to Own                         Most Comfortable 



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