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"Wonderful selection of original pieces, finished to perfection, well done." [BWW]

18th-27th August 2018

Visitor Prize Draw

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design


18th - 27th August 2018


Visitor Prize Draw

The free visitor prize drawer sponsored by the Peter Sefton Furniture School offers one lucky visitor the opportunity to win £500 to spend with one of our exhibitors.

2018 Visitor Prize Draw

As part of the prize draw we ask each visitor to tell us their favourite exhibit. We have finally tallied up all of the visitor’s votes and are pleased to announce the top 10 favourite pieces from 2018 were….

1st Johnson Furniture's - Expanding Circular Dining Table

2nd 'The Cromwell' Desk by Daniel Lacey

3rd 'The Kingfisher' Coffee Table by Gabriel Furniture

4th 'Aesculus' Collector's Cabinet by Laurent Peacock Design

5th 'Wave' Bedside Cabinets by Roland Smith Designs

6th Display Table by Waywood

7th ''Elegant Wardrobe' by Alexandra made

8th 'Leaf' Chair by Sam Ring Furniture

9th 'Lady's desk by Daniel Gill Furniture

10th 'Triple Stem Standard 'Clump' Lamp by Peter Lanyon Furniture

2017 Visitor Prize Draw

1st Johnson Furniture's - Expanding Circular Dining Table

Johnson Furniture's expanding dining table was a firm favourite during the exhibition again this year. A new design, size and timber choice but the same fascinating mechanism as last year.  Seeing the reactions of visitors, as they watched in wonder as George Johnson demonstrate the ease of use of this beautiful table was continually uplifting throughout the duration of the exhibition.

We featured this pieces just before the exhibition, if you would like to learn more about this piece, the special 800 year old tree that made it possible or see a video of the table being demonstrated, then please read this article

2nd Lomas Furniture's - 'Tempest' Bed

3rd Gabriel Furniture's - 'The Swallow' Coffee Table

4th Jan Waterston's - 'Kinetic Landscape' Cabinet & Daniel Gill Furniture's - Butlers Chest

5th Jan Waterston's - 'Velo' Chair

6th Bark Furniture Ltd's - 'Huevo Ranchero' Surfboard

7th Thomas Whittingham Furniture's - 'Riven' Drinks Cabinet

8th Four Limes Design's - 'Staveley' Whiskey Cabinet

9th Edd Lewis Designs's - 'Man Made Nature' Lounging Chair

10th BlytheHart Made's - 'Hex' Drinks Cabinet

2016 Visitor Prize Draw

1st Johnson Furniture's - Expanding Circular Dining Table

This was certainly the star of the exhibition this year and we asked the maker George Johnson for a little more information about the piece:

"This latest version of my expanding circular dining has a top veneered in masur birch.  This is a Scandinavian timber where the bark is ingrowing in the trunk which produces beautiful burr like effects.  The top was created with 12 pieces of masur birch arranged in a book matched star-burst pattern.  The base and detail on the top are made from wenge which is an African hardwood.  The legs have an internal metal structure which allows them to be slim and elegant but still be rigid enough to produce a solid table.  The expansion mechanism was custom made using laser cut steel and also featured some 3D printed parts, meaning it is super accurate, and after being opened and closed several hundred times at the show, reliable!"

A video of the table can be viewed here.

2nd Robert Scott's - 'Aeolian' Console Table

3rd Christine Meyer-Eaglestone's - 'Moon' III Wall Cabinet

Philip Dobbins Furniture's - 'Tweed' Console Table

Burke & Marshall's - 'Hugo' Drinks Cabinet 

6th Robert Scott's - 'Aeolian' Desk

7th Chris Wiseman's - 'Oak Within' Sideboard

Chris Wiseman was one of the 2016 Alan Peters (Student) Award for Excellence Winners and also the 2016 Woodland Heritage's Best Use of British Timber Award Winner.

8th Edward Johnson's - Bog Oak Linen Chest

9th Paul Jaques Design's - 'Walnut Poem' Coffee Table

10th Waywood's Alter

2015 Visitor Prize Draw

1st Charles Byron - 'Log Stack' Cabinet & Sam Carter Bespoke Furniture - 'Overarching II'


3rd Marc Fish - 'One Piece Series - Console Table 2015'

4th Kevin Stamper - 'Plum Blossom' Cabinet

5th Matthew Burt - Bow-Fronted Chest Of Drawers

6th Auspicious Furniture - Refectory Table & Rocker


8th Kevin Stamper - 'Estuary Islands' Cabinet

9th Philip Dobbins Furniture - Card Table

10th Hugh Miller Furniture - Oak Writing Desk

2014 Visitor Prize Draw

2014’s winner of the £500 voucher has decided to commission a mirror from Thomas Whittingham Furniture based on one they saw at the 2014 exhibition. 

As part of this year’s prize draw we asked each visitor to tell us their favourite exhibit. We have finally tallied up all of the visitor’s votes and are pleased to announce the top 10 favourite pieces from 2014 are….

1st           61           Sounding Bowls


2nd          70a         Thomas Whittingham – ‘Grizedale’ Console Table (2013 Alan Peters Award Winner)

3rd           18c         Jonathan Field – ‘Table for Jeremy’


4th            65e        Alardus Van den Bosch – ‘Full Autumn Leaves’ Table


5th           33a         Tom Jarrold – ‘Elixir’ (2014 Alan Peters Award Winner)


6th           63c         Kevin Stamper – ‘Morning Storm’ Cabinet


7th           7a           Cimitree – ‘Sakura’ Drinks Cabinet


8th           53c         Ben Rawlinson Bespoke Furniture – ‘Helios’ Series Dining Table


9th           68a         Waywood – ‘Euclid’ Table


10th         39a         Armando Magnino Fine Furniture – ‘Bookstack’


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