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“As usual very interesting and exceptional quality of design and workmanship.” [Anon.]

18th-27th August 2018

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design


18th - 27th August 2018


Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

2018 Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Click here to download these Terms & Conditions as a PDF.

Exhibition Dates:
August 18th – 27th 2018 (Preview Evening 17th).

Exhibition Venue: Thirlestaine Long Gallery, Bath Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL53 7LD.

Summary of 2018 Dates.

Feb 23rd Friday                        Application deadline - Deposit due (£290).
Mar 5th Monday
                       Application decision - invoice issued/deposit returned.

Mar 21st Wednesday
              Catalogue images and 100 word description text deadline.

Jun 20th Wednesday
               Price list details deadline.

Jun 20th Wednesday
              Entry deadline: ‘Best Use of British Timber Award’ (£500 prize).

Jun 20th Wednesday
              Deadline: Submission of client details for preview eve. invitations.

Jun 20th Wednesday
              Balance of exhibitor fee due (£430).

Jun 20th Wednesday
              Deadline for purchasing tickets at advanced rate of £3.50 each.

Aug 14th Tuesday
                   Delivery of exhibits to Gallery (At scheduled times - TBC).

Aug 17th Fri
day                       Preview evening. Exhibitors to arrive at 5.30 pm for 6pm start.

Aug 18th Saturday
                  Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design opens to the public.

Aug 27th & 28th Mon & Tues
Collection of exhibits (Strictly at scheduled times - TBC).

1. General

1.1        Entrance to this exhibition is by invitation or selection only. If you have not previously exhibited at Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design (CCD), please send brief details of your work with six photographs that demonstrate your craftsmanship & design as instructed on the application form.

1.2        The hanging fee will be £720 in total.  Payable by a £290 deposit with your application form and the balance of £430 on or by Wednesday 20th June 2018. CCD takes no commission on any sales (See 6.1).

1.2.1     If you are selected to exhibit, any part of the hanging fee that has been paid by you to CCD is non-refundable should you choose to withdraw or are refused exhibition space under the terms of section 2 of these terms & conditions.

1.3        Three individual pieces of furniture may be entered for the hanging fee (i.e. a single chair is one piece).  Makers of smaller items such as boxes, ceramics, jewellery etc. should agree a number of exhibits with the organiser prior to submitting their application.

1.3.1     Additional exhibits may be accepted at the discretion of the organiser.  There will be an additional charge for any such exhibits.

1.3.2     Applications are accepted based on the discipline(s) that the applicant states on their application form.  Should they later wish to exhibit work that is not their stated discipline(s) the organiser reserves the right to refuse its inclusion due to lack of suitable display space.  E.g. A furniture maker wishing to exhibit a jewellery box may be refused on the basis that they have not declared themselves to be a box maker.

1.4        Pieces previously exhibited at CCD are generally NOT permitted and can only be re-shown with the agreement of the organiser.

1.5        Whilst the exhibition is permanently stewarded and there is no obligation for makers to attend, exhibitors may attend the exhibition on any day and are encouraged to interact with visitors if they wish. It is highly recommended that you attend the Preview Evening and that you let us know when you will be at the show so that we can communicate this to visitors.  It is also recommended that when not at the exhibition you are available to contact via phone during opening hours.

1.6        All work must be delivered to the exhibition venue on Tuesday 14th August 2018 and collected on Monday 27th August (Strictly after 4pm/last paying visitor leaves) or Tuesday 28th August 2018 unless otherwise agreed with the organiser. Exact delivery and collection schedules will be worked out nearer the time.  In the event that collection is not possible for any reason exhibits will be removed from the gallery by CCD and placed in a local, commercial storage facility (See 9.1).


2. Quality & Copyright

2.1        All work must be of exhibition quality. The organiser reserves the right to reject any work deemed to be unsuitable at any time and no refund will be given for rejected items although a substitute piece may be allowed (See 2.3).

2.2        If it comes to the attention of the organiser that any piece appears to have a close resemblance to other existing work and which may therefore potentially infringe copyright or intellectual property regulations, the organiser will notify the maker. It is the maker’s responsibility to take appropriate action; however, the organiser retains the right to refuse to exhibit such a piece if he deems its inclusion to be potentially detrimental to the reputation of the exhibition. A replacement piece may be permitted (See 2.3).

2.3        In the event that a piece is refused under clause 2.1 or 2.2 it may be possible for an exhibitor to substitute another piece at the discretion of the organiser, but this cannot be guaranteed.

3. Catalogue & Price List

3.1        Each exhibitor will be given an A5 page within the catalogue that will include  their contact details, a 100 word description of them and their work and an image of their choice, (Unlike some previous years, this is all included in the cost of exhibiting). Images for inclusion in the catalogue must be professional quality colour photographs/transparencies or high  resolution  (minimum  300dpi)  digital  images  and  must  be  submitted  to  the  organiser,  with  the  100  word description, by Wednesday 21st March 2018.  Images should be clearly labelled with the maker’s name, the piece title and the materials used and need not be of a piece that will be exhibited.

3.1.1     The inclusion of multiple images for an exhibitor will be at the discretion of the organiser.

3.1.2     Text copy will be edited by the organiser and significant alterations approved by the exhibitor; final editing authority in all cases rests with the organiser.

3.2        Notification of what exhibitors intend to show, materials used and price should be supplied by Wednesday 20th June 2018.  A form will be sent for completion nearer the time.  This information will be included on the exhibits themselves at CCD and in part on a price list that will be printed additionally to the catalogue. 

3.3        No amendments will be considered or permitted to the price list after Wednesday 20th June 2018.  Any amendments made after this date will only be amended if/when time permits and can only be shown on the actual piece within the exhibition.


4. Press Releases & Publicity

4.1        The organiser will make every effort to obtain television, radio and press coverage for the exhibition.

4.1.1     The exhibition will be advertised in appropriate quality magazines.

4.1.2     Any media contacts or press packs that exhibitors feel may be useful should be forwarded to the organiser for press releases and/or complimentary invitations.

4.2        All exhibitors, who wish their work to be considered for inclusion in press releases, should send professional quality colour photographs or high resolution (minimum 300dpi) digital images to the organiser at any time after they have been accepted to exhibit in 2018.  Images should be clearly labelled with the maker’s name, the piece title and the materials used.  The exhibitor agrees that any images and copy supplied to CCD for promotional purposes may be used in 2018 or subsequent years at the discretion of the organiser.

4.2.1     Text copy may be edited by the organiser and final editing authority in all cases rests with the organiser.

4.3        A maximum space of 150mm x 150mm is provided for every exhibitor to distribute high quality, single sheet, publicity material in the reception area.  Please leave such business or post cards at reception on delivery day (Tuesday 14th August 2018).  Full contact details of all exhibitors will be published in the catalogue meaning that this is not compulsory.

4.3.1    The organisers reserve the right to refuse any promotional materials that are deemed unsuitable for display due to poor quality or incorrect size.

4.3.2    No promotional literature/material will be permitted on, in or by individual exhibits without the permission of the organiser. If exhibitors are present at the exhibition they may carry promotional literature/material with them to distribute appropriately to potential clients.


5. Private View

5.1        The private viewing of the exhibition will be Friday 17th August 2018 from 6.00 – 9.00 pm. Exhibitors will be able to enter the gallery and collect their name badges from 5.30 pm.

5.1.1     Around 1,500 complimentary catalogues and invitations to the private viewing will be sent to established and prospective clients, interior designers, architects, the press and other interested parties.

5.1.2     There will be a dress code for exhibitors in force at the private viewing (smart casual - no denims, no trainers, no tee-shirts etc.); any exhibitor attending inappropriately dressed may be refused entry.

5.1.3     The private viewing of this exhibition is regarded as the prime opportunity for interaction between client and maker.  It is not a social occasion for friends and relatives, whose added presence creates overcrowding and distracts makers.  Therefore invitations will be available for existing and potential clients only. Reduced rate tickets for normal exhibition days are available for exhibitors to purchase in advance for friends and family (See 8).

5.1.4     Complimentary refreshments are provided primarily for our guests by our sommelier and staff.  The primary concern for our staff is for the comfort of our guests and whilst exhibitors are invited to have a drink, they are reminded that our guests’ needs must come first.

    Any exhibitor deemed by the organiser or sommelier to be making excessive use of the refreshments available, to the detriment of our guests or their own physical ability, may be refused further drinks or asked to leave the venue.

5.2        In the interest of fairness and to reduce overcrowding only one representative per exhibitor is permitted to attend the private view.

5.3        Exhibitors are encouraged to invite their own clients to the preview evening and will be asked to provide CCD with their names and addresses. Individual invites and complimentary catalogues will then be sent by CCD but from the individual exhibitor, inviting their client as their guest. CCD will only keep details of exhibitors’ clients if the client specifically asks to be added to the CCD database.

6. Sales

6.1        No commission will be added to the selling price of the exhibits, nor expected from commissions taken as a result of the exhibition.

6.2        All  cheques  taken  for sales  during the  exhibition  will be  made  payable  to  the  exhibitor  and will be sent via 1st class post or available for collection at the end of the exhibition on the breaking down day depending on which will be received first.  If this is not possible i.e. the client has used one cheque to buy two pieces of work from different makers – settlement will be within 14 days.

6.3        All work sold must be delivered to the client by the exhibitor, unless other arrangements are made. The organiser must be advised of alternative arrangements.

6.3.1     CCD will make clients aware that catalogue prices do not necessarily include delivery charges and when it is obvious that delivery may involve a significant additional charge will attempt to contact exhibitors to discuss the options. In the event that this is not possible CCD accepts no responsibility for the subsequent collapse of a sale due to delivery charges levied by the exhibitor.


7. Website

7.1        Exhibitor’s contact details will be displayed, with a low resolution version of their catalogue image, on the CCD website once the application process has been completed.  Exhibitor’s details will remain visible, unless the exhibitor withdraws from the exhibition, until at least Friday 28th December 2018 after which the photograph will be removed and the exhibitors’ details added to the online, publicly accessible, archive of past exhibitors.

7.1.2     Once accepted to exhibit at CCD a maker’s contact details will be displayed on the website until such time as they are discovered to have ceased trading or request to be removed.  The organiser will make every effort to ensure that these details are kept current but accepts no responsibility for inaccurate details should a maker change their details and not inform CCD. The organiser reserves the right to remove details of any maker that is felt to be inappropriate for inclusion without notification.


8. Reduced Visitor Rates


8.1        Exhibitors can collect an individual name badge at reception that will give them entry to the exhibition at any time during normal opening hours. Should another person represent you or your company at CCD on any day; this badge may be transferred with the permission of the organiser.  It should be left at the exhibition at all times.

8.2        One complimentary ticket will be available on the door per exhibitor and will give access for one guest during normal opening hours on one day of the exhibition (Not the Private View).

8.2.1     Exhibitors may purchase additional tickets for friends and family at a reduced cost of £3.50 each. These must be bought before Wednesday 20th June 2018 and entitle one guest to enter the show on one day.  The date of entry does not need to be specified but a name of the guest is required.  No tickets are issued, guests simply give their name and your name on arrival at reception.


9. Additional

9.1        Any auxiliary services required i.e. delivery; storage etc. will be charged at cost plus.

9.2        Exhibitors are responsible for insuring their exhibits against fire, theft, accidental damage etc. both at the exhibition and during transit to and from the event.  This is not mandatory but recommended.

            9.2.1     CCD will insure the event against cancellation and abandonment.  This does not however guarantee that makers will receive any or all of their hanging fee in the event that the exhibition does not take place.  Any refund offered will be subject to CCD’s insurer’s approval and may be in the form of a discount off future exhibition space rather than cash.  Exhibitors may wish to purchase their own insurance to cover themselves in the event of CCD 2018 being cancelled or abandoned.

9.3        The exhibition layout will be the responsibility of the organiser.

9.4        The organiser and their staff will continually man the exhibition.

9.5        The exhibition will be signposted by the A.A. 

9.6        The organisers will attempt to have any road works etc. that  may disrupt the exhibition rescheduled but cannot accept  any responsibility for events beyond their control that have a detrimental effect on the exhibition or visitor attendance.

9.7        Neither party shall be liable in damages, or have the right to terminate this agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to the following: acts of God, civil disturbance and/or government restriction.

The organiser shall not be held liable under this agreement to the extent said failures or delays are proximately caused by causes beyond the organiser’s reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence including, without limitation, the failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers.


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