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“Absolutely superb craftsmanship, wonderfully exhibited” [Anon.]

18th-27th August 2018

Paul Jaques Design - walnut coffee table

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design


18th - 27th August 2018


Walnut Coffee Table by Paul Jaques Design

We spoke to Paul Jaques to discover the story behind his one of a kind 'walnut coffee table' (the finished item can become piece of furniture when covered with glass or act a sculpture in its own right).

"2 years ago I was offered some walnut. I drove to Wiltshire to pick it up and found that it had already been logged and not left as usable lengths. I brought a load of 12" pieces home and left them to season for a year. I was confined by the size of the pieces and I have made a multi-unit structure which shows the fabulous qualities of the timber. Small bronze elements drip down into the centre to give a dynamic element to the piece. The exterior is deliberately "hacked" to simulate chain-saw brutality and coated with charcoal to represent the burning of logs."

Paul supplied us with a rather lovely poem which was written to celebrate the rescue of the walnut from the fire:

For two centuries
in a Wiltshire garden
the walnut tree grew
amongst aconite and yew. 

Felled in minutes
brutally dismembered and logged
the sap bled freely.

Dark wood shone,
the pungent smell,
fresh –cleared timber
the aftermath of tragedy.

This bountiful tree
with fluid grain
robbed of elegant boards.  

Fine furniture denied
now saved from fire
sawn and seasoned
to discover afresh.  

This beautiful wood
new shapes imagined
scooped, gouged and rasped
the puzzle assembled
dignity restored, beauty saved.



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